MLB Halfway Busts

From the Jim Hurley Network Staff
Contributing Sportsbook Editor

So, you tell us ... who's really "dropped the ball" so far in this here-and-now 2014 Major-League Baseball season?

No doubt you have your own strong opinions - and that's great - but we're here today in this Jim Sez column to back up our analysis with cold, hard facts/figures as just about every MLB team has reached or soon will reach the 81-game mark thus getting ?em halfway through this season.

The Jim Sez staff decided to dust off the MLB spring training notebook and take a look at the "over/under" wins totals for all 30 baseball teams and this is what we've uncovered in terms of the biggest busts so far ...

BOSTON (38-44) - Sure, we know the Red Sox were not likely to repeat the magic of last year's World Series-winning team but just past the halfway point of this '14 season here's the Bosox with fewer than 40 wins while their over/under wins total was listed as 88.

In other words, a Boston team that ranks 12th in the American League in runs scored and 10th in home runs - yes, we watched DH Daid Ortiz club that mammoth three-run blast at Yankee Stadium on Sunday Night Baseball! - will be playing chase all summer long and you wonder just how long the likes of Ortiz and 1B Mike Napoli (game-winning dinger in 2-1 triumph over the Yankees last Saturday night) can keep shouldering all the offensive weight.

Gut feeling is you may see Boston go on some kind of tear - like 10-of-12 or 13-of-18 - sometime in July or August but unless the Sox add a bat and maybe even a legit leadoff hitter, it could be a long and sour summer in/around Cap Cod!

SAN DIEGO (35-47) - Raise your hand if you really thought these Padres were gonna be a .500-type team this year ... well, the number-crunchers in Las Vegas posted San Diego's win total as 79 or 79 ? (close enough to .500, right) and yet these offensively inept Pods have never gotten off the ground though they did avert a weekend sweep at the hands of Arizona thanks to Sunday's 2-1 win.

Folks, we're not comparing the aforementioned Red Sox with the Padres but do note the striking similarities in terms of offensive ineptness: Bud Black's club ranks 14th in the National League in team batting average (.213), 15th in runs scored (240) and 11th in home runs (55) and please take note that SD's leading home-run hitter is OF Seth Smith who has all of eight dingers this season.

Yes, this is a Padres team that was no-hit last Wednesday by San Francisco RHP Tim Lincecum and followed that "effort" up by scoring a grand total of four runs in the above-mentioned three-game series against the Diamondbacks. Whoa!

Maybe you held out hope that the Padres could be a high 70s, low 80s win team (we didn't) and now just to "cash" and get to 80 wins this NL West crew must go 45-35 the rest of the way ... ain't happening, boys and girls!

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