Making Preseason Trades Isn't Easy

Jamaal Charles might not play as well as many experts think.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - You've drafted your team and there is still a week and a half until the regular season begins. What should you do now?

One possibility is to go on vacation.

That choice has the added bonus of keeping your "significant other" happy as you prepare to enjoy, hopefully, four months of NFL football weekends.

But you could also evaluate your team for it's strength and weaknesses - yes, you probably have at least one of each. Once you have identified where you need to improve, look around the league for an owner who's strength matches your weakness and weakness matches your strength.

He could be the perfect trading partner.

But it might not happen right away for two reasons.

First, many owners come away from their draft feeling that the team they chose is perfect. They're not, of course, but trying to convince them of it before the Opening Day kickoff is difficult.

If the owner selected Sidney Rice early and didn't know of his injured hip, then he might be more likely to trade with you, but it usually isn't that easy.

The other owner might have selected Jamaal Charles, who was over-hyped this summer, but may not play as well as many experts think with the talented Thomas Jones (1,402 yards, 14 TDs with the Jets last season) sharing the backfield. Convincing the other owner of his misstep, however, before he sees both running backs get 15 touches in Week 1 will be difficult, if not impossible.

Or he selected Kevin Kolb based on two 300+ yard passing days in 2009 and expects him to post those kind of numbers every week. Kolb will struggle, like every first-year starting quarterback does, but his fantasy owner might be wearing "rose-colored" glasses and convincing him of the cold, hard facts will be near impossible.

Secondly, many fantasy owners are simply not confident enough in their ability to evaluate talent to make a major change to their roster before seeing actual statistics. If you are in an expert league, this is less likely, but if you are in a league with friends who aren't fanatical about their fantasy sports then this is frequently the problem. The unknown scares the less confident owner into inaction.

Be patient. Knowing ahead of time, who matches well with you and who doesn't makes trading much easier when the time comes...and it will come, eventually.

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