Time to dump your depth

From here on out, talent on the bench is a wasted opportunity.
Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - When you accumulated team depth over the first 10 weeks of the NFL season, that was a good thing, but now its usefulness has passed.


Because all 32 teams in the NFL have used their bye week. Depth, in fantasy football, is overrated once the byes have all been used and that's where we are now.

There is likely only three or four weeks remaining in your regular season and you must put your best team on the field. If you have talent sitting behind your starter, what good is it doing you?

In one of my leagues here at The Sports Network, I have Aaron Rodgers sitting on my bench behind Drew Brees. Rodgers started one week, Week 9, when the New Orleans Saints were returning from the game in London, England. Now Rodgers will sit on my bench until...well he'll only get back on the field for me if Brees gets injured.

At the receiver position, I have Larry Fitzgerald, Santana Moss, Dwayne Bowe, Wes Welker, Antonio Bryant and Anthony Gonzalez. Since I can only start three wideouts, I have more wasted talent sitting on the bench.

Now is the time to make the "two-for-one" trade.

In my case, it's about finding the owner who has quarterback problems and offering him Rodgers and one of my receivers for either a starting running back of a better receiver. But you only make the trade for a player who will start and improve you at a position.

In my case, I have three potential "trading partners."

Owner "A" has been trying to get by with Jason Campbell, Sage Rosenfels, Daunte Culpepper and Brady Quinn. Maybe Quinn will be the answer...maybe not. I know that Campbell, Culpepper and Rosenfels are not better than Rodgers. He has good running backs and average receivers. There might be something we can work out.

Owner "B" has Jake Delhomme and no backup at all. He also has Marques Colston on his roster, who would fit perfectly alongside Brees. A combination quarterback/receiver offer might just do the trick.

Owner "C" starts Matt Cassel. He's doing a really nice job in guiding the New England Patriots into a tie for the top spot in the AFC East, but as a fantasy player he is mediocre...at best. This owner has three good running backs, any one of whom could improve on my Joseph Addai spot, while the Colts' running back still struggles to come back from his injury.

The point of this article is - from here on out, talent on the bench is a wasted opportunity. Make the trade that will put you over the top. Just do it and you could be rewarded with a championship.

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