NFL - Strength of Schedule - 2015
#TeamDef Rush Yds/G#Team NameDef Pass Yds/G
1Houston Texans118.81Tampa Bay Buccaneers248.8
2Tampa Bay Buccaneers1182New Orleans Saints248.4
3Atlanta Falcons117.23Carolina Panthers246.3
4Carolina Panthers116.84Washington Redskins246
5New York Jets116.45New York Giants243.1
6Tennessee Titans115.86Philadelphia Eagles243
7Denver Broncos114.27Atlanta Falcons242
8Jacksonville Jaguars1148Indianapolis Colts240
9Washington Redskins113.99Seattle Seahawks239.8
10Indianapolis Colts113.710Dallas Cowboys239.6
11Buffalo Bills113.611Tennessee Titans238.2
12Baltimore Ravens113.412San Francisco 49ers237.8
13Dallas Cowboys113.113Buffalo Bills237.3
14New Orleans Saints112.814Jacksonville Jaguars237.2
15Detroit Lions112.715Houston Texans236.2
16Philadelphia Eagles110.716Miami Dolphins236.2
17San Diego Chargers110.617New England Patriots235
18New York Giants110.318New York Jets234.7
19Oakland Raiders110.119Minnesota Vikings234.4
20Pittsburgh Steelers109.920St. Louis Rams234.4
21New England Patriots109.921Cleveland Browns234.3
22Miami Dolphins109.922Detroit Lions233.1
23Kansas City Chiefs107.923Arizona Cardinals232.8
24San Francisco 49ers107.824Kansas City Chiefs232.3
25Seattle Seahawks107.625San Diego Chargers232
26Cincinnati Bengals107.526Green Bay Packers231.6
27Minnesota Vikings106.827Baltimore Ravens231
28Arizona Cardinals10628Denver Broncos230.8
29Chicago Bears105.829Cincinnati Bengals230.6
30Cleveland Browns105.630Pittsburgh Steelers230.5
31Green Bay Packers104.631Oakland Raiders229.3
32St. Louis Rams104.332Chicago Bears228.2

Def Rush Yds/G - Is the average rushing yards yielded in 2014 by the 16 opponents on a team's 2015 schedule.
Def Pass Yds/G - Is the average passing yards yielded in 2014 by the 16 opponents on a team's 2015 schedule.
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