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Fathead Testimonials

Bo Levi Mitchell, QB, Eastern Washington
2011 Walter Payton Award Winner

"Seeing the Fathead was awesome. I saw J.C.'s (2010 Buck Buchanan Award winner J.C. Sherritt) last year and it was just kind of like, wow, I bet he felt amazing to be able to see that, have his own Fathead himself. That's something you always kind of dream of is buying a Fathead of some famous player that you love. To be able to see one of myself was, obviously, amazing and really a dream come true."

Chris Lum, QB, Lehigh
2011 Walter Payton Award Runner-Up

"It was cool to see. I've never seen anything like that. I wasn't expecting that at all. They gave me one, which was even cooler. I'll hang that up in my bedroom. That was really a nice treat."

Shakir Bell, RB, Indiana State
2011 Walter Payton Award Runner-Up

"Seeing that (Fathead of himself), it felt official. I felt like I was an NFL player or something like that."

Matt Evans, LB, New Hampshire
2011 Buck Buchanan Award Winner

"It was awesome being able to look at that (Fathead) and to stand right next to it was really cool. It's certainly something I'll find a place to hang up somewhere important in the house."

Terrance West, RB, Towson
2011 Jerry Rice Award Winner

"The Fathead was amazing. To see yourself on the wall as a Fathead blown up like that, man, that's amazing."

Rob Ambrose, Coach, Towson
2011 Eddie Robinson Award Winner

"It is cool (the Fathead), to be honest. It makes you feel a little bit younger. When you look at those big things, those things that kids usually look at, it's just cool to be associated with something like that."

Jeremy Moses, QB, Stephen F. Austin
2010 Walter Payton Award Winner

"It was amazing. I think I was more astounded to see (his custom Fathead) than winning the Walter Payton Award. I never thought I would see myself on a Fathead. I watch a lot of commercials and I always pictured it. I never thought it would look quite like it did."

J.C. Sherritt, LB, Eastern Washington
2010 Buck Buchanan Award Winner

"It was awesome. When I walked into the room and saw that, it was definitely very cool. They have been around for a while. We actually have some in our apartment of some of the players that we like. To have one of yourself definitely is really cool.

"I'm amazed how clear the picture is. That was amazing to me, how big they get them, but then, at the same time, how realistic they look."

Tony Samuel, Coach, SE Missouri State
2010 Eddie Robinson Award Winner

"I recognized myself, but it was a great surprise.

"That was humorous; there is no question about that. The guy was my size. I think he looked better than me. Somebody must have doctored that thing up."

Armanti Edwards, QB, Appalachian State
2009 Walter Payton Award Winner

"I looked at it and didn't realize what it was until I looked at it again. I was kind of amazed. I wouldn't think that coming from a smaller school that I would have a Fathead."

"It's a Fathead. I've wanted one ever since I saw them on TV. And now I have my own. It's just great."

Arthur Moats, DE, James Madison
2009 Buck Buchanan Award Winner

"I was like, 'Only the professionals, like the beast players, get Fatheads.' Just the fact that I had a Fathead was crazy. My family were taking pictures of it. It was a wonder experience to see me with a Fathead."

"I was walking into the banquet and I was like, 'Oh, wow, that's me.'"

"I love the realness. In the picture, I have a Band-Aid on my leg and you can see the Band-Aid on it. It's crazy because that's how I really looked in the game. I have a very similar picture on one of my other awards, and you look at (the Fathead) and it's like, 'Wow, that picture is like 20 times larger.' I really like it a lot, though."

Henry Frazier III, Coach, Prairie View A&M
2009 Eddie Robinson Award Winner

"I just couldn't believe it. I was like, a little guy from Washington, D.C., can get a Fathead. I couldn't believe it."

"It just makes me feel professional. I guess because the only Fatheads I've seen are the professional ones. I felt like, 'Wow!' almost like I was a professional (coach). ... It is definitely beautiful."


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