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What a Joke!

Scott Haynes, College Editor

On Campus Philadelphia, PA (Sports Network) - There's not much left to do. After giving the BCS a fair shake and trying to show patience in a system that was formed to get the right outcome, I have no other alternative but to turn my back on the BCS, as it has become a laughing stock.

Can someone please explain to me how a team that is ranked number one in both polls can be denied a shot at the national title? That was a rhetorical question of course, as the answer is simply, because the ridiculous BCS says so.

The system was created to make sure that the top two teams in the country play for the national title. To put it in plain English, that means that the number one team should play the number two team.

USC will "settle" for the Rose Bowl instead of a National Title Game.
Well, by now we all know that isn't going to happen, as number one (USC) will play number four (Michigan) in the Rose Bowl and number two (LSU) will play number three (Oklahoma) for the national title in the Sugar Bowl.

Is it fair? Of course not.

Now, before the Sooner Nation gets all up in arms, take a good, hard look at what exactly Oklahoma has accomplished this year.

First, the Sooners have played just three teams currently ranked in the Top-25 and lost to one of those teams. Secondly, Oklahoma didn't even win its conference, as the Sooners were beaten this week in the Big 12 Title game. Taking a closer look at the loss to Kansas State, OU wasn't even in the game. The Sooners got their doors blown off, 35-7 and KSU coach Bill Snyder called off the dogs at the end of the game, when he could have put more points on the board.

Before the OU faithful make the claim that they didn't try to win the game, because they were already locked into the Sugar Bowl, my question would be, why were the starters in there then?

Look, Oklahoma is a great team and Bob Stoops is as good as it gets as a coach, but a loss is a loss. Falling in a crucial game like the Big 12 championship should count against Oklahoma, just like USC's loss to California and LSU's loss to Florida. In fact, it should count more. WHEN a team loses should still count for something. The two best teams at the end of the year should play for the national title. Oklahoma proved that it was number three with an embarrassing showing against the Wildcats.

The Trojans and Tigers have been playing playoff football for almost all of the second half of the season, as another loss would drop the teams out of the title picture. Each week, USC and LSU have come up huge with one win after another.

I will admit that Oklahoma has cruised through its schedule as well, but a slate peppered with questionable competition. Don't give me a win in Tuscaloosa as a huge victory. Didn't Northern Illinois win there this season? Yes, the Sooners blew out Texas, but when was the last big game that the Longhorns won? Oklahoma's other tough games, against Missouri and Oklahoma State, both came in Norman this year.

Was USC's schedule harder? Perhaps not.

Pete Carroll
USC's Pete Carroll
The bottom line is that the Trojans shot at a national title has been "geeked" out from under them. A formula that Pythagoras himself probably couldn't understand, has determined that USC is not worthy of a spot in the Sugar Bowl. After crunching the numbers, USC has fallen to third in the standings, regardless of the fact that the Trojans and the Tigers are the two most dominating teams as the regular season has come to a close.

Pete Carroll should be up in arms. His team did everything it needed to (save the loss to the Golden Bears), but that doesn't matter because, let me get this straight, Notre Dame lost to Syracuse in the season-finale? Gimme a break! The Notre Dame loss diminished USC's strength of schedule enough to put them on the outside looking in at New Orleans on January 4th.

I am not now and never will be an Oklahoma detractor. In addition, I am not a USC alum and have no allegiance to the Trojans either. Simply put, the two best teams should play for a national title and sadly, that won't happen this year.

The BCS has become a joke, and Pete Carroll and the rest of his Trojans probably don't like the punch line.

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Scott Haynes
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