Orange Bowl Past Most Valuable Players
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2015Justin Thomas, Georgia Tech
2014Sammy Watkins, Clemson
2013Lonnie Pryor, Florida State
2012Geno Smith, West Virginia
2011Andrew Luck, Stanford
2010Adrian Clayborn, Iowa
2009Darren Evans, Virginia Tech
2008Aqib Talib, Kansas
2007Brian Brohm, Louisville
2006Willie Reid, Florida State
2005Matt Leinart, USC
2004Jarrett Payton, Miami-Florida
2003Carson Palmer, USC
2002Taylor Jacobs, Florida
2001Torrance Marshall, Oklahoma
2000David Terrell, Michigan
1999Travis Taylor, Florida
1998Ahman Green, Nebraska; Jamal Lewis, Tennessee
1997Damon Benning, Nebraska; Ken Oxendine, Virginia Tech
1996Andre Cooper, Florida State; Derrick Mayes, Notre Dame
1995Tommie Frazier, Nebraska; Chris T. Jones, Miami-Florida
1994Tommie Frazier, Nebraska; Charlie Ward, Florida State
1993Charlie Ward, Florida State; Corey Dixon, Nebraska
1992Larry Jones, Miami-Florida; Tyrone Leggett, Nebraska
1991Charles Johnson, Colorado; Chris Zorich, Notre Dame
1990Raghib Ismail, Notre Dame; Darian Hagan, Colorado
1989Steve Walsh, Miami-Florida; Charles Fryar, Nebraska
1988Bernard Clark, Miami-Florida; Darrell Reed, Oklahoma
1987Dante Jones and Spencer Tillman, Oklhahoma
1986Sonny Brown and Tim Lashar, Oklahoma
1985Jacque Robinson and Ron Holmes, Washington
1984Bernie Kosar and Jack Fernandez, Miami-Florida
1983Turner Gill and Dave Rimington, Nebraska
1982Homer Jordan and Jeff Davis, Clemson
1981J.C. Watts, Oklahoma; Jarvis Coursey, Florida State
1980J.C. Watts and Bud Hebert, Oklahoma
1979Billy Sims and Reggie Kinlaw, Oklahoma
1978Roland Sales and Reggie Freeman, Arkansas
1977Rod Gerald and Tom Cousineau, Ohio State
1976Steve Davis and Lee Roy Selmon, Oklahoma
1975Wayne Bullock, Notre Dame; Leroy Cook, Alabama
1974Tom Shuman and Randy Crowder, Penn State
1973Johnny Rodgers and Rich Glover, Nebraska
1972Jerry Tagge and Rich Glover, Nebraska
1971Jerry Tagge and Willie Harper, Nebraska
1970Chuck Burkhart and Mike Reid, Penn State
1969Donnie Shanklin, Kansas
1968Bob Warmack, Oklahoma
1967Larry Smith, Florida
1966Steve Sloan, Alabama
1965Joe Namath, Alabama

As of December 31, 2014, at 11:59 PM ET
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