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Canadian Football League Transactions
For The Last 10 Days
05/05/2015Timothy Flanders, RBReleased
05/05/2015Stephen Burton, WRReleased
05/05/2015Arthur Hobbs, DBReleased
05/05/2015Freddy Griggs, DBReleased
05/05/2015Chris McAllister, DLReleased
05/05/2015Andrew Mahan, DLReleased
05/05/2015Brandon Denmark, DLReleased
05/05/2015Risean Broussard, DLReleased
05/05/2015Brandon Underwood, DBReleased
05/05/2015Brandon Jordan, DLReleased
05/05/2015Zebrie Sanders, OTAcquired from Winnipeg
05/05/2015Ryan Mouton, DBAcquired from Calgary
05/05/2015Zebrie Sanders, OTTraded to Calgary
05/05/2015Ryan Mouton, DBTraded to Winnipeg
05/02/2015Lavasier Tuinei, WRSigned
05/01/2015Adewale Ojomo, DEReleased
05/01/2015Jerome Raymond, DLReleased
05/01/2015Cory Grissom, DTReleased
05/01/2015Jordan Hall, RBReleased
05/01/2015Samuel Fournier, FBReleased
05/01/2015Larry Taylor, WRReleased
05/01/2015Jonathon Sharpe, LBReleased
05/01/2015Sam Ojuri, RBReleased
05/01/2015E.J. Woods, DBReleased
05/01/2015Taylor Mack, DBReleased
05/01/2015Brandon Thurmond, DEReleased
05/01/2015Cary Koch, WRReleased
05/01/2015Lamont Bryant, WRReleased
05/01/2015Everett Benyard, OLReleased
05/01/2015Cameron Sheffield, DEReleased
05/01/2015Adam Baboulas, OLReleased
05/01/2015Drew Willy, QBSigned to a contract extension through the 2017 season
04/30/2015Jordan Johnson, QBReleased
04/30/2015Alex Carder, QBReleased
04/30/2015Roy Finch, RBReleased
04/30/2015LaVance Taylor, RBReleased
04/30/2015Shawn Johnson, RBReleased
04/30/2015Eddie Poole, WRReleased
04/30/2015Eric Schultz, OTReleased
04/30/2015Youri Yenga, DEReleased
04/30/2015Evan Frierson, LBReleased
04/30/2015Charles Clay, LBReleased
04/30/2015Forrest Hightower, DBSigned
04/30/2015Michael Brooks, DLSigned
04/30/2015Alex King, DLSigned
04/30/2015Craig Roh, DLSigned
04/30/2015Marcus Dixon, DTRetired
04/30/2015Korey Jones, LBSigned
04/30/2015Justin Goltz, QBSigned
04/30/2015Torrey Davis, DTSigned
04/30/2015Justin Oxendine, DEReleased
04/30/2015David Van Dyke, DBReleased
04/30/2015Sam Miller, DBReleased
04/30/2015Keon Lyn, DBReleased
04/30/2015Jarrid Bryant, OLReleased
04/30/2015Shamari Benton, LBReleased
04/30/2015C.J. Wilson, LBReleased
04/30/2015Kashif Montgomery, WRReleased
04/30/2015Lavon Downs, WRReleased
04/30/2015Derrick Hector, WRReleased
04/30/2015Justin Wilson, WRReleased
04/30/2015Greg Hickman, DLReleased
04/30/2015Ryan Steed, DBSigned
04/29/2015Jermarcus Hardrick, TReleased
04/29/2015Scott Williams, LBSigned
04/29/2015Derel Walker, WRSigned
04/29/2015John Ojo, DBSigned
04/29/2015Bryant Mitchell, WRSigned
04/29/2015Shakir Bell, RBSigned
04/29/2015Chad Bumphis, WRSigned
04/29/2015Etauj Allen, KRSigned
04/29/2015Alex Carroll, WRSigned
04/29/2015Ronlee King-Fileen, RBSigned
04/28/2015R.J. Roberts, DESigned
04/28/2015James Franklin, QBSigned
04/28/2015Isaiah Williams, WRReleased
04/28/2015Corey Lewis, OLSigned
04/27/2015Steve Morley, GReleased
04/27/2015Jason Vega, DEReleased
04/27/2015Adrian Robinson, DLSigned
04/27/2015Nickolas Brassell, DBSigned
04/27/2015Matt Scott, QBReleased
04/27/2015Robert Sands, CBReleased
04/27/2015A.C. Leonard, WRSigned
04/27/2015Steven Shott, P/KSigned
04/27/2015Lavasier Tuinei, WRReleased

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