High Point Panthers vs. Indiana State Sycamores
High Point323062
Indiana State304676
Officials:  Mike Stuart, Gene Grimshaw, Terry Moore Attendance:  5487
John Brown194900222240312310
Allan Chaney24280122178340306
Derrell Edwards34270200112140104
Jairus Simms21240000022200104
Justin Cheek18131100011110003
Adam Weary255701240222512012
Dejuan McGaughy194824000000401010
Corey Law18340023224021008
Lorenzo Cugini9111100011200003
Branimir Mikulic9120100011000012
Haiishen McIntyre3010000022010000
Tre Duncan1000000000000000
TEAM TOTALS2002554411811621271124310462
PERCENTAGESFG: 46.3%3PT: 36.4%FT: 72.7%  TOTAL TO: 10
Lucas Eitel319977000332200025
Jake Odum30150058178610117
Manny Arop23370100044040116
Jake Kitchell11120022101310014
Justin Gant25040044325111214
Khristian Smith2571112341450200018
R.J. Mahurin263724263361201010
Devonte Brown14000025011012102
Dawon Cummings15010103022201000
TEAM TOTALS20024461015183292635151446476
PERCENTAGESFG: 52.2%3PT: 66.7%FT: 56.3%  TOTAL TO: 6
TECHNICALS: High Point 0, Indiana State 0

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