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Big West Conference Basketball Tournament
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Site: Honda Center (17,608) -- Anaheim, California - Semifinals and Final
Walter Pyramid (5,000) -- Long Beach, CA - 1st Round and Quarterfinals
Dates: Tuesday, March 11th through Saturday, March 15th
Annual: 31st
Defending Champion: Cal Poly def. Pacific, 63-49
Television: ESPN3 (1st Round, Quarters and Semis), FOX Prime Ticket (Final)
Tuesday, March 11th - First Round
UC Davis 58, (8) UC Santa Barbara (8-22) 57
Long Beach State 64, (7) Cal State Fullerton (12-18) 60
Wednesday, March 12th - Quarterfinal Round
Hawaii 52, (6) Long Beach State (17-15) 49
UC Irvine 74, (5) UC Davis (15-16) 70 OT
Friday, March 14th - Semifinal Round
Cal State Northridge 78, (4) UC Irvine (17-15) 60
Cal Poly 66, (3) Hawaii (17-13) 52
Saturday, March 15th - Championship Game
(1) Cal State Northridge (18-14) 73, (2) Cal Poly (18-13) 58
Past Big West Conference Tournament Winners, Results and MVPs
2014Cal State Northridge def. Cal Poly, 73-58 (Ashlee Guay, CS-Northridge)
2013Cal Poly def. Pacific, 63-49 (Molly Schlemer, Cal Poly)
2012UC Santa Barbara def. Long Beach State, 63-54 (Kirsten Tilleman, UCSB)
2011UC Davis def. Cal Poly, 66-49 (Paige Mintun, UC Davis)
2010UC Riverside def. UC Davis, 71-67 (Amber Cox, UC Riverside)
2009UC Santa Barbara def. Cal Poly, 64-57 (Lauren Pedersen, UC Santa Barb)
2008UC Santa Barbara def. UC Davis, 74-59 (Jessica Wilson, UC Santa Barb)
2007UC Riverside def. UC Santa Barbara, 70-67 (Kemie Nkele, UC Riverside)
2006UC Riverside def. UC Santa Barbara, 59-58 (Kemie Nkele, UC Riverside)
2005UC Santa Barbara def. Idaho, 74-66 (Kristen Mann, UC Santa Barbara)
2004UC Santa Barbara def. Idaho, 68-51 (Lindsay Taylor, UC Santa Barbara)
2003UC Santa Barbara def. Pacific, 68-50 (Lindsay Taylor, UCSB)
2002UC Santa Barbara def. Pacific, 64-53 (Lindsay Taylor, UCSB)
2001UC Santa Barbara def. Long Beach State, 79-76 (Rachelle Rogers, UCSB)
2000UC Santa Barbara def. Long Beach State, 79-69 (Stacy Clinesmith, UCSB)
1999UC Santa Barbara def. Long Beach State, 94-67 (Erin Buescher, UCSB)
1998UC Santa Barbara def. Boise State, 86-69 (Erin Buescher, UCSB)
1997UC Santa Barbara def. UC Irvine, 81-66 (Amy Smith, UC Santa Barbara)
1996Hawaii def. Pacific, 68-64 (Kate McAllister, Pacific)
1995UC Irvine def. Pacific, 65-53 (Allah-mi Basheer, UC Irvine)
1994UNLV def. Hawaii, 78-60 (Gwynn Hobbs, UNLV)
1993UC Santa Barbara def. Hawaii, 80-77 (Cori Close, UC Santa Barbara)
1992UC Santa Barbara def. Long Beach State, 68-60 (Erika Kienast, UCSB)
1991Long Beach State def. CS-Fullerton, 71-60 (Genia Miller, CS-Fullerton)
1990UNLV def. Long Beach State, 67-64 (Pauline Jordan, UNLV)
1989Long Beach State def. UNLV, 89-81 (Penny Toler, Long Beach State)
1988Long Beach State def. UNLV, 79-58 (Penny Toler, Long Beach State)
1987Long Beach State def. UNLV, 98-57 (Penny Toler, Long Beach State)
1986UNLV def. Long Beach State, 99-89 (Misty Thomas, UNLV)
1985UNLV def. UC Irvine, 61-60
1984UNLV def. UC Irvine, 90-55
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