National Hockey League

National Hockey League Transactions
For The Last 10 Days
10/01/2014Duncan Siemens, DAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
10/01/2014Michael Schumacher, LWAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
10/01/2014Calvin Pickard, GAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
10/01/2014Alex Pepin, LWAssigned to Gatineau (QMJHL)
10/01/2014Maxim Noreau, DAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
10/01/2014Daniel Maggio, DAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
10/01/2014Joey Hishon, CAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
10/01/2014Samuel Henley, LWAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
10/01/2014Bruno Gervais, DAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
10/01/2014Brett Kulak, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
10/01/2014Max Reinhart, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
10/01/2014Corban Knight, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
10/01/2014Bill Arnold, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
10/01/2014Connor Hellebuyck, GAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
10/01/2014Julien Brouillette, DAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
10/01/2014J.C. Lipon, CAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
10/01/2014Carl Klingberg, LWAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
10/01/2014John Albert, CAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
10/01/2014Jason Missiaen, GAssigned to Hartford (AHL)
10/01/2014Nick Tarnasky, LWAssigned to Hartford (AHL)
10/01/2014Danny Kristo, RWAssigned to Hartford (AHL)
10/01/2014Chris Bourque, LWAssigned to Hartford (AHL)
10/01/2014Ryan Bourque, CAssigned to Hartford (AHL)
10/01/2014Petr Zamorsky, DAssigned to Hartford (AHL)
10/01/2014Tommy Hughes, DAssigned to Hartford (AHL)
10/01/2014Mat Bodie, DAssigned to Hartford (AHL)
10/01/2014Conor Allen, DAssigned to Hartford (AHL)
10/01/2014Jyrki Jokipakka, DAssigned to Texas (AHL)
10/01/2014Brett Ritchie, RWAssigned to Texas (AHL)
09/30/2014Adam Pelech, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
09/30/2014Andrey Pedan, DRecalled from Bridgeport (AHL)
09/30/2014David Van Der Gulik, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/30/2014Dan Ellis, GAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/30/2014Taylor Beck, LWSigned to a one-year contract
09/30/2014Andrey Makarov, GAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/30/2014Nathan Lieuwen, GAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/30/2014Nick Petrecki, DAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/30/2014Drew Bagnall, DAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/30/2014Tim Schaller, RWAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/30/2014Matt Ellis, LWAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/30/2014Joel Armia, RWAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/30/2014John Klingberg, DLoaned to Texas (AHL)
09/30/2014Julius Honka, DLoaned to Texas (AHL)
09/30/2014Brendan Ranford, LWLoaned to Texas (AHL)
09/30/2014Curtis McKenzie, LWLoaned to Texas (AHL)
09/30/2014Radek Faksa, CLoaned to Texas (AHL)
09/30/2014Justin Dowling, CLoaned to Texas (AHL)
09/30/2014Pierre-Cedric Labrie, LWAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/30/2014Cody Bass, CAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/30/2014Joel Rechlicz, RWAssigned to Iowa (AHL)
09/30/2014Jonathon Blum, DAssigned to Iowa (AHL)
09/30/2014Justin Falk, DAssigned to Iowa (AHL)
09/30/2014Patrick Mullen, DAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/30/2014Andrew Miller, RWWaived
09/30/2014Dillon Simpson, DAssigned to Oklahoma City (AHL)
09/30/2014Jordan Oesterle, DAssigned to Oklahoma City (AHL)
09/30/2014Mitchell Moroz, LWAssigned to Oklahoma City (AHL)
09/30/2014Travis Ewanyk, LWAssigned to Oklahoma City (AHL)
09/30/2014Brett Gallant, LWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/30/2014Jordan Schroeder, CWaived
09/30/2014Zack Phillips, CAssigned to Iowa (AHL)
09/30/2014Vladimir Tkachev, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
09/30/2014Joacim Eriksson, GAssigned to Utica (AHL)
09/29/2014Darren Kramer, CAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Danny Hobbs, CAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Alexander Guptill, LWAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Derek Grant, CAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Ryan Dzingel, CAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Jakub Culek, LWAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Carter Camper, CAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Chris Wideman, DAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Michael Sdao, DAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Troy Rutkowski, DAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Andrew Hammond, GAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Chris Driedger, GAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Cameron Gaunce, DAssigned to Texas (AHL)
09/29/2014Scott Glennie, RWAssigned to Texas (AHL)
09/29/2014Jaime Sifers, DAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/29/2014Ryan Craig, CAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/29/2014Sean Collins, CAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/29/2014Josh Anderson, RWAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/29/2014Mark Cundari, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/29/2014John Ramage, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/29/2014Ryan Culkin, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/29/2014Emile Poirier, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/29/2014Turner Elson, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/29/2014Nicholas Ritchie, LWAssigned to Petersborough (OHL)
09/29/2014Igor Bobkov, GAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Andrew O`Brien, DAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Kevin Gagne, DAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Brendan Bell, DAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Brad Winchester, LWAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014David Steckel, CAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Stefan Noesen, LWAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Steve MacIntyre, LWAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Louis Leblanc, CAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014John Kurtz, LWAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Nicolas Kerdiles, LWAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Matt Bailey, RWAssigned to Norfolk (AHL)
09/29/2014Troy Grosenick, GAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/29/2014J.P. Anderson, GAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/29/2014Matt Tennyson, DAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/29/2014Dylan Demelo, DAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/29/2014Travis Oleksuk, CAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/29/2014Daniil Tarasov, RWAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/29/2014Melker Karlsson, CAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/29/2014Freddie Hamilton, CAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/29/2014Joey MacDonald, GAssigned to Hamilton (AHL)
09/29/2014Greg Zanon, DAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/29/2014Garrett Wilson, LWAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/29/2014Ryan Martindale, CAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/29/2014Joey Crabb, RWAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/29/2014Bobby Butler, LWAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/29/2014Roman Will, GAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
09/29/2014Stefan Elliott, DAssigned to Lake Erie (AHL)
09/29/2014Jacob Markstrom, GAssigned to Utica (AHL)
09/29/2014Bobby Sanguinetti, DAssigned to Utica (AHL)
09/29/2014Alex Biega, DAssigned to Utica (AHL)
09/29/2014Peter Andersson, DAssigned to Utica (AHL)
09/29/2014Dustin Jeffrey, CAssigned to Utica (AHL)
09/29/2014Brandon DeFazio, LWAssigned to Utica (AHL)
09/29/2014Darren Archibald, RWAssigned to Utica (AHL)
09/29/2014C.J. Stretch, CReleased
09/29/2014Colton Gillies, LWReleased
09/29/2014Justin Courtnall, LWReleased
09/29/2014Jesse Graham, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Adam Pelech, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Andrey Pedan, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Loic Leduc, DAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Lukas Sutter, CAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Sebastian Collberg, RWAssigned to Bridgeport (AHL)
09/29/2014Troy Bodie, RWWaived
09/29/2014Scott Darling, GAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/29/2014Klas Dahlbeck, DAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/29/2014Adam Clendening, DAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/29/2014Garret Ross, LWAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/29/2014Dennis Rasmussen, CAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/29/2014Joakim Nordstrom, CAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/29/2014Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond, LWAssigned to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (AHL)
09/29/2014Philip Samuelsson, DAssigned to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (AHL)
09/29/2014Brad Stuart, DSigned to a two-year contract extension
09/29/2014Cody McLeod, LWSigned to a three-year contract extension
09/29/2014Reilly Smith, LWSigned to a one-year contract
09/29/2014Torey Krug, DSigned to a one-year contract
09/29/2014Garrett Thompson, LWAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Cole Schneider, RWAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Shane Prince, LWAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Brad Mills, CAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/29/2014Max McCormick, LWAssigned to Binghamton (AHL)
09/28/2014Rylan Schwartz, CAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/28/2014Petter Emanuelsson, RWAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/28/2014Ryan Carpenter, RWAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/28/2014Joshua Brown, DReleased
09/28/2014Joe Basaraba, RWReleased
09/28/2014Shayne Taker, DAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/28/2014Jonathan Racine, DAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/28/2014Josh McFadden, DAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/28/2014Michael Houser, GAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/28/2014Sam Brittain, GAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/28/2014Logan Shaw, RWAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/28/2014Brett Olson, CAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/28/2014John McFarland, LWAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/28/2014Steven Hodges, CAssigned to San Antonio (AHL)
09/28/2014Brennan Evans, DReleased
09/28/2014Nathan Paetsch, DReleased
09/28/2014Jake Paterson, GAssigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
09/28/2014Jared Coreau, GAssigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
09/28/2014Marek Tvrdon, RWAssigned to Grand Rapids (AHL)
09/27/2014Juho Olkinuora, GAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
09/27/2014Will O`Neill, DAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
09/27/2014Julian Melchiori, DAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
09/27/2014Brenden Kichton, DAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
09/27/2014Ryan Olsen, CAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
09/27/2014Scott Kosmachuk, RWAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
09/27/2014Austen Brassard, RWAssigned to St. John's (AHL)
09/27/2014Jaden Schwartz, CSigned to a two-year contract
09/27/2014Micheal Haley, LWAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/27/2014Bryan Lerg, LWAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/27/2014Gus Young, DAssigned to Worcester (AHL)
09/27/2014Greg Nemisz, RWWaived
09/27/2014Justin Shugg, LWWaived
09/27/2014Ben Holmstrom, CWaived
09/27/2014Kyle Hagel, RWReleased
09/27/2014Daniel Altshuller, GAssigned to Charlotte (AHL)
09/27/2014Keegan Lowe, DAssigned to Charlotte (AHL)
09/27/2014Dennis Robertson, DAssigned to Charlotte (AHL)
09/27/2014Trevor Carrick, DAssigned to Charlotte (AHL)
09/27/2014Keegan Kanzig, DAssigned to Victoria (WHL)
09/27/2014Brad Thiessen, GAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Douglas Carr, GAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Dustin Stevenson, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014David Wolf, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Bryce Van Brabant, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Mathieu Tousignant, CAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Garnet Hathaway, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Ben Hanowski, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Trevor Gillies, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Curtis Gedig, DAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Kenny Agostino, LWAssigned to Adirondack (AHL)
09/27/2014Mark Visentin, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Mike McKenna, GAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Dylan Reese, DAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Brendan Shinnimin, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Henrik Samuelsson, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Jordan Martinook, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Philip Lane, RWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Tyler Gaudet, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Darian Dziurzynski, LWAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Alexandre Bolduc, CAssigned to Portland (AHL)
09/27/2014Jamie McBain, DReleased
09/27/2014Matt Kassian, LWReleased
09/27/2014Krys Barch, LWReleased
09/26/2014Julius Bergman, DSigned to an entry-level contract
09/26/2014Nikolay Goldobin, RWSigned to an entry-level contract
09/26/2014Alex Lintuniemi, DAssigned to Ottawa (OHL)
09/26/2014Valentin Zykov, LWAssigned to Baie-Comeau (QMJHL)
09/26/2014Alex Roach, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Colin Miller, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Kurtis MacDermid, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Zachary Leslie, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Kevin Gravel, DAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Scott Sabourin, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Michael Mersch, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Maxim Kitsyn, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Ryan Horvat, LWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Justin Auger, RWAssigned to Manchester (AHL)
09/26/2014Dillon Heatherington, DReturded to Swift Current (WHL)
09/26/2014Nick Moutrey, LWReturned to Saginaw (OHL)
09/26/2014Anton Forsberg, GAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/26/2014Thomas Larkin, DAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/26/2014Hubert Labrie, DAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/26/2014Riley Wetmore, CAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/26/2014Trent Vogelhuber, DAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/26/2014Lucas Sedlak, CAssigned to Springfield (AHL)
09/26/2014Viktor Svedberg, DAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/26/2014Dillon Fournier, DAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/26/2014Mathieu Brisebois, DAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/26/2014Mark McNeill, CAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/26/2014Drew LeBlanc, CAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/26/2014Alex Broadhurst, CAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/26/2014Brendan Lemieux, LWReturned to Barrie (OHL)
09/26/2014Justin Bailey, RWReturned to Kitchener (OHL)
09/26/2014Jerome Gauthier-Leduc, DAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014Brady Austin, DAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014Philip Varone, CAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014Kevin Sundher, CAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014Jordan Samuels-Thomas, LWAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014Justin Kea, CAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014Colin Jacobs, CAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014Daniel Catenacci, CAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014William Carrier, LWAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014Luke Adam, LWAssigned to Rochester (AHL)
09/26/2014Niklas Lundstrom, GAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Jani Hakanpaa, DAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Joel Edmundson, DAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Mathieu Brodeur, DAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Yannick Veilleux, LWAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Ryan Tesink, CAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Zachary Pochiro, LWAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Benn Ferriero, RWAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Jacob Doty, CAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Terry Broadhurst, LWAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Rob Bordson, RWAssigned to Chicago (AHL)
09/26/2014Austin Carroll, RWAssigned to Victoria (WHL)
09/25/2014Ryan Ellis, DAgreed to terms
09/25/2014Travis Sanheim, DSigned to an entry-level contract
09/24/2014Anthony Stolarz, GAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Martin Ouellette, GAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Connor Knapp, GAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Jesper Pettersson, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Maxim Lamarche, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Robert Hagg, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Brett Flemming, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Steven Delisle, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Mark Alt, DAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Petr Straka, RWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Marcel Noebels, CAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Derek Mathers, RWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Andrew Johnston, LWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Brett Hextall, CAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Kevin Goumas, RWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Austin Fyten, LWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Nick Cousins, CAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Brandon Alderson, RWAssigned to Lehigh Valley (AHL)
09/24/2014Travis Sanheim, DReturned to Calgary (WHL)
09/24/2014Radel Fazleev, CAssigned to Calgary (WHL)
09/24/2014Nicolas Aube-Kubel, RWReturned to Val D`Or (QMJHL)
09/24/2014Joe Hicketts, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
09/24/2014Nelson Nogier, DReassigned to junior team
09/24/2014Jan Kostalek, DReassigned to junior team
09/24/2014Eric Comrie, GReassigned to junior team
09/24/2014Chase De Leo, CReassigned to junior team
09/24/2014Jimmy Lodge, CReassigned to junior team
09/24/2014Axel Blomqvist, RWReassigned to junior team
09/23/2014Santeri Saari, DReassigned
09/23/2014Thomas Vannelli, DReassigned
09/23/2014C.J. Yakimowicz, RWReassigned
09/23/2014Jaedon Descheneau, RWReassigned
09/23/2014Samuel Blais, LWReassigned
09/23/2014Hunter Warner, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
09/23/2014Alex Gudbranson, DSigned to a three-year, entry-level contract
09/23/2014Zachary Fucale, GAssigned to Halifax (QMJHL)
09/23/2014Brett Pollock, CAssigned to Edmonton (WHL)
09/23/2014Remi Elie, LWAssigned to Belleville (OHL)
09/23/2014Philippe Desrosiers, GAssigned to Rimouski (QMJHL)
09/23/2014Ben Thomas, DReassigned
09/23/2014Dominik Masin, DReassigned
09/23/2014Brayden Point, CReassigned
09/23/2014Cristiano Digiacinto, LWReassigned
09/23/2014Zach Miskovic, DReleased
09/23/2014Justin Holl, DReleased
09/23/2014Kirill Gotovets, DReleased
09/23/2014Ryan Schnell, LWReleased
09/23/2014Kent Simpson, DAssigned to Rockford (AHL)
09/23/2014Mac Carruth, GAssigned to Rockford (AHL)

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