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                  === Canseco signs with minor league team ===
 Pleasanton,  CA  (Sports  Network)  -  Jose Canseco  is  making  a  return  to
 competitive  baseball after coming to terms on a contract with the independent
 San Diego Surf Dawgs.
 The  41-year-old  Canseco not only will  be the everyday designated hitter for
 the  team, but  will also try using  his knuckleball as a member of the club's
 pitching staff.
 "I'm  looking  forward to having  fun in  professional baseball again, as I've
 really  missed it,"  Canseco  said. "I  love  what this  league  is doing  for
 players,  communities, and  families, and  I  want to  be part  of it.  Rickey
 (Henderson)  had a great  experience with the Surf Dawgs last year and it will
 be  great playing  for Terry Kennedy and  reminding him of the stomping my A's
 gave his Giants in the '89 World Series!"
 Canseco  has been outspoken on the steroids issue in baseball, so much that he
 penned  an  autobiographical best  seller titled  "Juiced: Wild Times, Rampant
 'Roids,  Smash Hits, and How Baseball Got Big." That book detailed steroid use
 in professional baseball.
 In  March  of  2005  Canseco  testified before  the  House  Government  Reform
 Committee in a session on the steroid issue in Major League Baseball.
 According  to the Surf Dawgs, Canseco now weighs about 230 pounds, down almost
 30  pounds from  his playing days. Canseco  has also agreed to be subjected to
 the  Golden Baseball  League's drug testing policy that immediately expels any
 players found using steroids or illegal drugs.
 Last  season  nine players, out  of over 200  tested, were terminated from the
 league for illegal drug use.
 "Jose  will be  treated  consistent with  all of  our  players regarding  drug
 testing," said GBL commissioner Kevin Outcalt.
 Canseco  was the 1986  American League Rookie of the Year and also was honored
 as  the AL MVP in 1988. A six-time All-Star, he played in four World Series --
 winning  championships with  the  1989  Oakland Athletics  and  2000 New  York
 This  will be  Canseco's second stint in a professional Independent League. He
 previously  played for the Newark Bears in the Atlantic League in 2001 and had
 his contract purchased by the Chicago White Sox.
 "I'm  excited to have Jose on the team, for both his playing abilities and for
 his  veteran  leadership," Surf Dawgs manager  Terry Kennedy said. "We can use
 his  offensive power to  get us into the playoffs to defend our title, and I'm
 very interested in seeing him pitch to see if he can help us there as well."
 Canseco will be paid $2,500 per month, the league maximum. He will also have a
 marketing agreement with the GBL for a personal line of apparel.
 06/30 08:27:06 ET

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