Minor League Baseball

                  === Far from Minor: 38 players suspended ===
 New  York,  NY (Sports Network)  - MLB announced  that 38 minor league players
 were  suspended  for violating  "Major  League  Baseball's Minor  League  Drug
 Prevention  and Treatment  Program"  against performance-enhancing  substances
 (steroids and steroid precursors).
 The suspensions are effective with the first game of the season. Eight members
 of  the  Seattle  Mariners'  organization,  including  Damian  Moss  and  Ryan
 Christianson,  and  seven players  from the Cubs'  organization were among the
 Oakland's  David Castillo  received  a 60-game  suspension  for violating  the
 policy  for  a  third  time,  while all  other  players  were  issued  15-game
 suspensions for a first-time offense.
 The  results  stemmed from 925  tests that were  conducted at the minor league
 camps  in  Arizona during spring training  and includes one positive test from
 off-season testing.
 Also  suspended for  15  games  were Elvis  Avendano  (Oakland), Lizahio  Baez
 (Texas),  Oscar  Bernard  (Cubs),  David Cash  (Cubs),  Troy  Cate  (Seattle),
 Robinson   Chirinos   (Cubs),  William  Collazo  (Angels),  Francisco  Cordova
 (Angels),  Renee  Cortez  (Seattle),  Matthew  Craig  (Cubs),  Jason  Diangelo
 (Colorado),  Jose  Espinal (White  Sox), Omar  Falcon (Seattle), Paul Frisella
 (St.  Louis),  Jesus Guzman (Seattle),  Justin Hatcher (Texas), Javier Herrera
 (Oakland),  William Hogan  (Seattle), Kervin  Jacobo (San  Diego), Ryan  Leahy
 (Angels),  Baltazar  Lopez (Angels), Luis  Perez (Oakland), Nathan Sevier (San
 Diego), Carlos Vazquez (Cubs) and Neil Wilson (Colorado).
 Ten  of the players suspended were released and include Willy Espinal (Texas),
 Alexander  Francisco  (Angels),  Clay  Hensley  (San  Diego),  Robert  Machado
 (Texas),  Jesus  Medrano (Cubs),  Jacobo  Meque  (San Diego),  Kevin  Reinking
 (Cubs),  Christopher Russ (Texas), Mayobanex Santana (Oakland) and Darwin Soto
 On  Sunday,  Tampa Bay outfielder  Alex Sanchez  became the first major league
 player  to  be hit with  a suspension under  baseball's new drug policy. Major
 League  Baseball released a statement saying that Sanchez was suspended for 10
 days,  effective April 4, for violating the league's Joint Drug Prevention and
 Treatment  Program. However,  the league did not release what drug Sanchez was
 suspended for using.
 04/05 11:20:18 ET

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