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National Basketball Association Transactions
For The Last 30 Days
11/21/2014JaKarr Sampson, FAssigned to Delaware (NBADL)
11/20/2014Hassan Whiteside, CWaived
11/20/2014Kalin Lucas, GWaived
11/20/2014Adreian Payne, FAssigned to Fort Wayne (NBADL)
11/20/2014Ricky Ledo, GAssigned to Texas (NBADL)
11/20/2014Glen Rice Jr., GAssigned to Fort Wayne (NBADL)
11/19/2014Jeff Taylor, FSuspended 24-games by (NBA) for a domestic incident
11/19/2014Rudy Gay, FSigned to a multi-year contract extension
11/19/2014Hassan Whiteside, CRe-signed
11/19/2014Kalin Lucas, GRe-signed
11/19/2014Alex Kirk, CAssigned to Canton (NBADL)
11/19/2014Jason Collins, CRetired
11/18/2014P.J. Tucker, FSuspension lifted
11/18/2014Nick Johnson, GAssigned to Rio Grande Valley (NBADL)
11/17/2014P.J. Tucker, FSuspended one-game by team
11/17/2014T.J. Warren, FRecalled from Bakersfield (NBADL)
11/17/2014Tyler Ennis, GRecalled from Bakersfield (NBADL)
11/17/2014Eric Moreland, FRecalled from Reno (NBADL)
11/17/2014Alex Kirk, CRecalled from Canton (NBADL)
11/17/2014Dwight Powell, FRecalled from Maine (NBADL)
11/17/2014James Young, GRecalled from Maine (NBADL)
11/16/2014Ronnie Price, GSuspension lifted
11/15/2014Robert Covington, FSigned
11/15/2014Xavier Henry, FAssigned to Los Angeles (NBADL)
11/15/2014Jordan Clarkson, GAssigned to Los Angeles (NBADL)
11/15/2014Ognjen Kuzmic, CRecalled from Santa Cruz (NBADL)
11/15/2014Justin Holiday, GRecalled from Santa Cruz (NBADL)
11/15/2014Chris Johnson, FWaived
11/14/2014Ognjen Kuzmic, CAssigned to Santa Cruz (NBADL)
11/14/2014Justin Holiday, GAssigned to Santa Cruz (NBADL)
11/14/2014Alex Kirk, CAssigned to Canton (NBADL)
11/13/2014Ronnie Price, GSuspended one-game by (NBA)
11/13/2014Toure` Murry, GAssigned to Idaho (NBADL)
11/13/2014T.J. Warren, FAssigned to Bakersfield (NBADL)
11/13/2014Tyler Ennis, GAssigned to Bakersfield (NBADL)
11/11/2014Nemanja Nedovic, GWaived
11/10/2014Malcolm Thomas, FWaived
11/10/2014Clint Capela, FAssigned to Rio Grande Valley (NBADL)
11/10/2014Drew Gordon, FRecalled from Delaware (NBADL)
11/10/2014Darrell Arthur, CSuspension lifted
11/09/2014Darrell Arthur, CSuspended one-game by (NBA)
11/09/2014J.J. Hickson, FSuspension lifted
11/09/2014Kalin Lucas, GWaived
11/08/2014Jarnell Stokes, FAssigned to Iowa (NBADL)
11/08/2014Jordan Adams, GAssigned to Iowa (NBADL)
11/06/2014J.R. Smith, FSuspesion lifted
11/06/2014Jordan Hamilton, FWaived
11/06/2014A.J. Price, GSigned
11/05/2014J.R. Smith, FSuspended one-game by (NBA)
11/05/2014Ish Smith, GSigned
11/04/2014Eric Moreland, FAssigned to Reno (NBADL)
11/04/2014Kalin Lucas, GSigned
11/03/2014P.J. Tucker, FSuspension lifted
11/03/2014Kevin Martin, GFined $15,000 by (NBA) for making an obscene gesture
11/02/2014Will Cherry, GSigned
11/01/2014Greg Monroe, CSuspension lifted
11/01/2014A.J. Price, GWaived
10/31/2014Ricky Rubio, GSigned to a contract extension
10/31/2014Klay Thompson, GSigned to a four-year contract extension
10/31/2014Anderson Varejao, FSigned to a three-year contract extension
10/31/2014Alec Burks, GSigned to a four-year contract extension
10/31/2014Dennis Schroder, GClub option exercised
10/31/2014Michael Carter-Williams, GContract option exercised for the 2015-16 season
10/31/2014Nerlens Noel, CContract option exercised for the 2015-16 season
10/31/2014Tony Wroten, GContract option exercised for the 2015-16 season
10/30/2014Kemba Walker, GSigned to a multi-year contract extension
10/30/2014Nene, CSuspension over
10/30/2014DeJuan Blair, FSuspension over
10/29/2014Tyler Zeller, CContract option exercised
10/29/2014Jared Sullinger, FContract option exercised
10/29/2014Kelly Olynyk, CContract option exercised
10/29/2014Cody Zeller, FThird-year option exercised
10/29/2014Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, FFourth-year option exercised
10/28/2014Tim Hardaway Jr., GThird-year contract option exercised
10/28/2014J.J. Barea, GSigned
10/28/2014Gal Mekel, GWaived
10/27/2014Miles Plumlee, FContract option exercised
10/27/2014Alex Len, CThird-year contract option exercised
10/27/2014Archie Goodwin, GThird-year contract option exercised
10/27/2014Micheal Eric, CWaived
10/27/2014Joe Ingles, FClaimed off waivers from the LA Clippers
10/27/2014Jordan Hamilton, FClaimed off waivers from Toronto
10/27/2014Carrick Felix, GWaived
10/27/2014C.J. McCollum, GContract option exercised
10/27/2014Meyers Leonard, CContract option exercised
10/27/2014Elliot Williams, GWaived
10/27/2014Marquis Teague, GWaived
10/27/2014Tony Snell, GContract option exercised
10/27/2014Will Bynum, GWaived
10/27/2014Arnett Moultrie, FAcquired from Philadelphia and waived
10/27/2014Arnett Moultrie, FTraded to New York
10/27/2014Travis Outlaw, FAcquired from New York and waived
10/27/2014Travis Outlaw, FTraded to Philadelphia
10/27/2014Quincy Miller, FWaived
10/27/2014Malcolm Thomas, FSigned
10/27/2014J.J. Barea, GWaived
10/27/2014Ish Smith, GWaived
10/27/2014Jeff Adrien, FWaived
10/26/2014Victor Oladipo, GThird-year contract option exercised
10/26/2014Moe Harkless, FFourth-year contract option exercised
10/26/2014Evan Fournier, GFourth-year contract option exercised
10/26/2014Arinze Onuaku, FWaived
10/26/2014Adonis Thomas, FWaived
10/26/2014Chris Singleton, FWaived
10/26/2014C.J. Fair, FWaived
10/26/2014Michael Jenkins, GWaived
10/26/2014Talib Zanna, FWaived
10/26/2014Richard Solomon, FWaived
10/26/2014Kevin Jones, FWaived
10/26/2014D.J. Stephens, GWaived
10/26/2014Xavier Silas, GWaived
10/26/2014Damion James, FWaived
10/26/2014John Lucas III, GWaived
10/26/2014Drew Gordon, FWaived
10/26/2014Jordan Vandenberg, CWaived
10/26/2014Sean Kilpatrick, GWaived
10/26/2014Mitchell Watt, FWaived
10/26/2014James Michael McAdoo, FWaived
10/26/2014Jason Kapono, FWaived
10/26/2014Aaron Craft, GWaived
10/26/2014Langston Galloway, GWaived
10/25/2014Trey Johnson, GWaived
10/25/2014Roscoe Smith, FWaived
10/25/2014Jabari Brown, GWaived
10/25/2014Darius Morris, GWaived
10/25/2014Diante Garrett, GWaived
10/25/2014Earl Barron, CWaived
10/25/2014Bernard James, CWaived
10/25/2014Ivan Johnson, FWaived
10/25/2014Doron Lamb, GWaived
10/25/2014Patrick Christopher, GWaived
10/25/2014Kalin Lucas, GWaived
10/25/2014Malcolm Lee, GWaived
10/25/2014Ronald Roberts Jr., FWaived
10/25/2014Joe Ingles, FWaived
10/25/2014Khem Birch, FWaived
10/25/2014Seth Curry, GWaived
10/25/2014Peyton Siva, GWaived
10/25/2014Drew Crawford, GWaived
10/25/2014Kadeem Batts, FWaived
10/25/2014Dion Waiters, GExercised the fourth-year contract option
10/25/2014Jordan Hamilton, FWaived
10/25/2014Will Cherry, GWaived
10/25/2014Casper Ware, GWaived
10/25/2014Robert Vaden, FWaived
10/25/2014Fuquan Edwin, FWaived
10/25/2014JaMychal Green, FWaived
10/25/2014Shane Edwards, FWaived
10/24/2014Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, GContract option exercised
10/24/2014Andre Drummond, FContract option exercised
10/24/2014Casper Ware, GAcquired from Philadelphia
10/24/2014Casper Ware, GTraded to Brooklyn
10/24/2014Marquis Teague, GAcquired from Brooklyn
10/24/2014Marquis Teague, GTraded to Philadelphia
10/24/2014Jarell Eddie, GClaimed off waivers from Atlanta
10/24/2014Orlando Sanchez, FWaived
10/24/2014D.J. Mbenga, CWaived
10/24/2014Brian Qvale, CWaived
10/24/2014Dallas Lauderdale, FWaived
10/24/2014Justin Cobbs, GWaived
10/24/2014Sergey Karasev, GExercised the third-year contract options through 2015-16 season
10/24/2014Mason Plumlee, CExercised the third-year contract options through 2015-16 season