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Oklahoma City Thunder 2014 Draft Report Card

By Jim Brighters, NBA Editor

Additions: Mitch McGary (21)

Josh Huestis (29)

( - The Oklahoma City Thunder have stockpiled young big men like canned goods and Thursday night was no different.

McGary would've been a lottery pick in last year's dreadful draft, but this season at Michigan did not pan out as expected. He suffered a back injury, then got suspended for a failed marijuana test.

But, McGary is a very capable big man at the next level and could be Nick Collison's replacement, assuming one of last year's first-rounders, Steven Adams, becomes the starting center. McGary is offensively proficient and solid on the boards, but he hasn't played much basketball in the last year.

Huestis is a defensive presence primarily and is limited offensively. At 6- foot-7, Huestis could be Thabo Sefolosha's replacement and guys like him last surprisingly long in the NBA. He has trouble creating his own and isn't a great shooter, so that will take some work.

Would have liked to have seen OKC address some potential backcourt needs with Derek Fisher now coaching the New York Knicks and Sefolosha probably on his way out.

Grade: C+

06/27 16:13:53 ET