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Top 50 Receiving Stats
1Sean GavinRobert Morris1810208.0012.75102.00
2Tyler DubeSacred Heart32120147.009.5767.00
3Chris KingDuquesne32038936.6719.45129.67
4Tyrell HolmesCent Conn St31726525.6715.5988.33
5Duane MitchellRobert Morris31612915.338.0643.00
6Chad WardBryant31520725.0013.8069.00
6Ricardo McCrayBryant21012015.0012.0060.00
6Rob HollomonCent Conn St3157905.005.2726.33
6Willie QuarlesCent Conn St156905.0013.8069.00
6Cole BlakeRobert Morris151005.002.0010.00
11Devin RahmingDuquesne31417824.6712.7159.33
12Chavas RawlinsDuquesne297604.508.4438.00
13Ryan OwensWagner142904.007.2529.00
14Jose DePaduaBryant277113.5010.1435.50
15Jamison WilliamsRobert Morris3108603.338.6028.67
16Ralph GreeneWagner3911803.0013.1139.33
16Jackson KingSacred Heart3911603.0012.8938.67
16Dave ThomasDuquesne133703.0012.3337.00
16William MartinSt Francis-PA132903.009.6729.00
20Lloyd SmithWagner3812212.6715.2540.67
21Anthony CarringtonWagner3810512.6713.1335.00
22Terell SmithSt Francis-PA255302.5010.6026.50
22Brandon PeoplesWagner254002.508.0020.00
22Chaq NettlesRobert Morris252402.504.8012.00
25Moses WebbSacred Heart3713512.3319.2945.00
26Noel OduhoDuquesne379612.3313.7132.00
27Dan HebertCent Conn St245302.0013.2526.50
27Pat CaseySacred Heart123802.0019.0038.00
27Eric McGloneCent Conn St122702.0013.5027.00
27Fritz RockWagner121802.009.0018.00
27Frank FailaceSt Francis-PA12902.004.509.00
32John LavinBryant356801.6713.6022.67
33Anthony AbeidSt Francis-PA356211.6712.4020.67
34Scott BenzingCent Conn St356201.6712.4020.67
35Kevin EnrightDuquesne238001.5026.6740.00
35Taylor BartheletteBryant234511.5015.0022.50
35Brennden CullenCent Conn St233601.5012.0018.00
35Franklyn WilliamsonSt Francis-PA233101.5010.3315.50
35Justin KempkaRobert Morris23701.502.333.50
40Brandon HollomonCent Conn St344211.3310.5014.00
41Keith FosterWagner225901.0029.5029.50
41Joey FieldsCent Conn St334001.0013.3313.33
41Sean BellSacred Heart333501.0011.6711.67
41Tyler McIntyreBryant222201.0011.0011.00
41Aaron BerardinoCent Conn St112201.0022.0022.00
41Anthony BowmanSt Francis-PA222101.0010.5010.50
41Robert DimSacred Heart221801.009.009.00
41Jordan BlackmonRobert Morris331601.005.335.33
41Keenan ThompsonBryant331501.005.005.00
41Cole BushSt Francis-PA111201.0012.0012.00
41Marcus HughesDuquesne331201.004.004.00

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