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Top 50 Rushing Stats
1Austin BrownChar Southern154128.2041.00
1Darius HammondChar Southern194024.4440.00
3Mike HollowayChar Southern1330110.0030.00
3Ben RobinsonChar Southern1332110.6732.00
5Dalton SaundersChar Southern11-30-3.00-3.00
5Team TeamChar Southern1100.00.00
5Darrell BridgesPresbyterian191201.3312.00
5Kaleb GriffinPresbyterian12402.004.00
5Marquel HinesPresbyterian12402.004.00
5LaQua MayesPresbyterian163105.1731.00
5Jeremiah McKiePresbyterian11606.006.00
5Heyes McMathPresbyterian14-50-1.25-5.00
5Blake RobertsPresbyterian161702.8317.00
5Daryl WilsonPresbyterian1100.00.00
5Chris JenkinsChar Southern11909.009.00
5Christian ReyesChar Southern1108108.1081.00
5Daniel Croghan IIIChar Southern131304.3313.00
5Alexander CruzChar Southern11707.007.00
5Zackary FrazierChar Southern143408.5034.00
5Adam AllenChar Southern1105205.2052.00

FCS Football News
· FCS Top 25 Roundup - Week 1

· Tennessee Tech to debut new offensive wrinkle

· FCS Game of the Week: NDSU at Iowa State

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